Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Last Supper

Here is another great idea I borrowed from Catholic Icing.

We had to collect a mountain of egg cartons and then one of the lovely mums from my class took them home one weekend and joined them together for me so that the bit the kids did would go more smoothly.

I downloaded the sheets from Catholic Icing and the kids painted them with the water colour paints in the pallettes. Not much mess and nice bright colours. Plus they had a lot of fun!

This afternoon they cut out the characters and attached them to the carton in order using kid's PVA glue.
This photo is not of the best one, but the colours are nice and bright!

They had a lot of fun cutting and gluing and talking about who was who at the dinner table. I don't expect that they will remember all of the characters but it was a fun way for them to think about the disciples and to discuss the Last Supper.

It took about an hour of cutting, gluing and cleaning up time this afternoon. A different Easter craft - a nice chang from the stock-standard bunny colouring-in sheet!

We didn't have quite enough egg cartons so some children did a "2D version". Great incidental maths revision!
Here is the 2D adaption if you don't want to collect 48 egg cartons. (and I have to work out how to rotate the picture but I'm in a hurry and my brain is worn out - sorry).

Happy Easter!

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