Monday, 19 March 2012

An Easter Rooster?

Today we looked at the Holy Week Story: Peter disowns Jesus.
In this story, Peter hears a rooster crowing and is reminded that Jesus had warned him that before the rooster crowed twice, Peter would have denied knowing Jesus three times.
I wanted a simple but memorable activity for my students to do while they reflected on the story and I am trying to avoid "death by blackline master" in my class.
A pile of paper plates left over from a lifecycle craft activity provided the inspiration for our roosters. Because I didn't give them a template, they each have their own quirky character!

Each child used half a paper plate as the "body" for their rooster, and then (loosely copying my model) they attached paper and card to the semi-circle to create their own rooster.
Once they had designed and created their rooster, they selected three feather to attach for the tail. The three feathers reminded the students of the three times that Peter disowned Jesus.
We also watched this You Tube clip of a puppet show. This was good because it retold some of the other events we had talked about on previous days too, but this time from Peter's perspective.

When they sat on the carpet this afternoon at the end of the day, we recapped the story. I was happy with the level of detail they were able to recall from the story and am hoping they will retell the story with as much enthusiasm when they took their roosters home with them.

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