About Me

My name is Jane and I am a teacher in Queensland, Australia.
This year I am teaching Year 2.
I am lucky because I love my job - to the point where some people think I could be a little mad ;-)

I like to challenge my students to learn things for themselves and see mistakes and mess as part of the learning journey.
This goes for me too. I make plenty of mistakes (although sometimes I don't like to admit to them) and I make plenty of mess too!

Having said that, I am always working on ideas to straighten out and simplify my life. I like to be busy, but I don't like clutter.

My goals for writing this blog are:
1. Make myself more reflective in my practice and accountable for the little things.
2. Share my ideas with others because I love reading other people's blogs and collecting ideas.
3. Practise writing, blogging and doing the technical stuff so I can get better at it.
4. Maybe one day have a huge following and inspire lots of other teachers too.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog,


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