Monday, 19 March 2012

12 Stories of Holy Week

In the lead up to Easter, we are investigating the Holy Week stories in Year 2. By the end of the term, I am hoping that my students will be able to retell the key events of Holy Week and be able to reflect on some of the messages in these stories.
I identified 12 key stories from Holy Week and have been retelling the stories in different ways each day and revising the key events with the students using a simple PowerPoint presentation that I made and some "Holy Week eggs" - based on the brilliant idea from Catholic Icing. I forgot to take photos of my eggs so I will have to do that later and add them to this post.
Other things I have done (or will be doing) to present the stories:
* Songs - Hymns, kids praise songs and songs from Jesus Christ Superstar which tell about key events.
* Videos - mostly from You Tube - some of them are better quality than others. They loved the Ollie the Donkey video for Palm Sunday.
* Craft - Palm Sunday Leaves, Rooster craft (for Peter disowns Jesus), Last Supper craft (from Catholic Icing)
* Activities - wordsearches, drawing responses
* Experiences/ Role Play - Palm Sunday parade, Washing feet, Passover meal - tasting, Stations of the Cross
* Stories - reading versions from Children's Bibles, retellings from picture books, reading from the Bible

I have made some cards that match the PowerPoint slide I have been using and I will use these with my students for them to practise sequencing and retelling the stories.

So far my students have been enjoying the activities for each story. I hope this increases their understanding of the true meaning of Easter.


  1. Where did you get the wonderful cards that match your Power Point slides?

  2. Are the cards you used for the power point available anywhere?