Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Teaching with the Brain in Mind

I have been reading plenty of things from the Whole Brain Teaching program and implementing the bits I like in my room.
I am so happy with the 5 Rules and the actions. My kids knew all the rules by Day 2 and are still keen to keep their dear teacher happy. (They keep checking to make sure that I am - they are so cute!)
I am also using Class! - Yes! with lots of success.
The Teach-OK! is not working as well as I would like. I think I need to work harder on this one.

My teaching colleague showed me an attention getter today that she had come up with and I told her how impressive it was because it is whole brain teaching too.
She has modified the usual "Stop, Look and Listen" sing-song (which most of my kids echo and then proceed to ignore) to a short, sharp, "Stop, Look, Listen, Think" with simple actions. I like the actions because the students actually do have to stop what they are doing and it seems to switch in their brain enough that they do turn and look.

I have also used a sing-song repeat to great effect with my Year 2s where I extend the Class-Yes! to an "Are we ready?-Yes" when we were doing repetitions in both Maths and in our science experiments.

If you haven't seen the Whole Brain Teaching site yet, I recommend it. If you are implementing the suggestions, which bits are working for you?

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  1. Hiya Jane!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I'm following you now too! Gotta stick together us GC/Brissie gals ;)

    I've only just heard about WBT in the past fortnight and wow!! How cool does it look. I really want to try it on prac. Hopefully you and your kiddies perfect "Teach-Okay" soon.

    Cannot wait to hear more about your year with the Curious Cats xx

    Daydreams of a Student Teacher