Saturday, 25 February 2012

Join the Edu-Apps Linky Party!

I am hosting my first linky party!
It has taken me ages to work out how to do this so hopefully I have it right...

I want you to tell me (and the rest of the blogging world) all about your favourite educational apps.

My kids are really loving our new iPads and we already have a number of apps they like to use. When describing educational apps, there are two main groups (IMHO): educational games and creative apps.

Educational games are great fun and are a motivating way for students to get plenty of practice at basic skills (like spelling and maths facts), and although they tend to live at the bottom end of Bloom's Taxonomy, they certainly have a place and have been a huge hit amongst my Year 2 students.

Creativity apps are more flexible in their application and can be used to challenge children to apply, synthesise and critique - moving right up there on the Bloom's scale!

Please link to this Linky Party and share your favourite app or apps. It would be great to blog about how you use this in your classroom so that we can all help each other to use this new technology to transform our teaching and help our students reach greater heights!

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