Saturday, 4 February 2012

Creative Inspiration

I found a site with some great ideas for using basic software such as PowerPoint and Word to create student presentations beyond the basic flat, printed piece.
The website is called Print, Cut, Fold.
You can of course purchase their book and get many more ideas and templates but the few ideas they describe on their web page are enough inspiration to get started.
I am wondering how I can adapt some of these to make them simple enough for my Year 2s.
When I come up with something I will let you know.
I love their halo idea - it would work well with lifecycles. If we did this just using cardboard and not bothering with the computer side, it would be simpler, but I kind of like the idea of them creating something cool on the computers too.
I am working on a template for a lifecycle wheel and a folding concertina book too, but now this cool website has given me further inspiration. I might try one of their ideas too!

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