Friday, 3 February 2012

Science with Mealworms

We are having a lot of fun learning about growing and changing in our Science unit.
The unit is designed to support the Year 2 Science in the Australian Curriculum and so far my kids are loving it.
This week we read the book "Guess the Baby" and have started playing the game in our class.
We also had our buddies (Year 5s) come to help us to measure our height, weight and head circumference and compare these to our size when we were a baby.
We have started learning about mealworms and have made predictions about how we think they might grow and change.
Next week I plan to conduct some science experiments and introduce the concept of a fair test as well as the scientific process to the students.
To this end, I have created a series of experiment templates and put them together in a mini-unit available from my TPT site.

I have also made a PowerPoint presentation which can be used alone or in conjunction with the unit plan.
The PowerPoint introduces students to the idea of being a scientist and focusses on the idea of a fairtest.
I am really looking forward to doing some "hands-on science" with my students. I hope you find the PowerPoint and unit useful too.

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