Monday, 2 April 2012

My own iBook!

I have discovered a simple way to turn a PowerPoint slide into an iBook that can be read on an iPad! Now I can have lots of fun making these simple iBooks for my students to read.

I simply created a slideshow using PowerPoint, then saved it as a PDF. Next, I uploaded the PDF file to my Dropbox, then sent the file to iBooks once I had it on the iPad.

It sits neatly on my shelf.

Here is a PDF of a slideshow about a war memorial that might be useful for teaching about Australian history or Anzac Day.

The pages display very nicely on the iPad and it will be great that my students will be able to review the information on their own after I introduce the slideshow to the class. They are going to make a concept map about the War Memorial, so the iBooks will be another way for them to access the information without me having to print out pages of black and white worksheets. They can zoom in and out on the photographs so easily. This will be a great way for them to be able to access the sources themselves so they can pose better questions.

I'm so excited - I might go and make another one!


  1. Hi Jane,
    I am your newest follower from TBTS! I see you are from Australia. I am from Missouri in the U.S., and have a new little girl in my class from Australia. Please stop by and visit my blog at


  2. Hi Sandra

    I'll be sure to check out your blog too.

    I hope your new Aussie student settles in quickly. Moving overseas is a big thing for a little person! Even when there is no language difference it is still a culture shock - but what a wonderful learning opportunity.