Saturday 14 April 2012

Anzac Day Poppy Potato Prints!

As part of our History study this term we will be looking at Anzac Day, and in particular focusing on our local war memorial as well as other symbols associated with the day.
I love using simple craft activities to help introduce new concepts to my class. Not only do they learn more when having fun, their products really brighten up our room and are a good reminder of key ideas in future weeks.
Poppies have been associated with Anzac Day since the 1920s. The red poppy reminds us of the sacrifice - the blood lost - in war. Poppies are also significant because these flowers grow naturally in the fields on the Western Front where many soldiers fought and died.
To teach my students about these pretty flowers that have such a sad significance, I am going to make some simple potato prints. I had a practice run with my nephew this afternoon.
To make these pretty poppies, you need to cut a simple flower shape from a potato and use red paint to make the prints. To make the black centres, I used real poppy seeds which can be easily and cheaply purchased from the supermarket. A dab of glue in the centre was enough to hold them in place.
When I make these with my class next week, I will put the sheet of paper in a paper box lid so they can shake the seeds around easily and keep reusing the bits that fall off. This should mean less little black seeds all over the room too, I hope!

If you are doing Anzac Day activities with your class, you might also like to try my Anzac Day Slouch Hat craft.


  1. These prints look fabulous and do such a significant flower justice!! Well done! Unfortunately, our term 2 starts the day after Anzac day so i won't get to use them in that context...on second thoughts maybe I still can! Thank you for the fabulous tutorial and for sharing your thoughtful idea! Happy weekend to you.

    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

    1. Thanks, Tina. I'm sure it will be just as fun the day after Anzac Day! I'm starting with an Easter activity on Monday morning even though Easter seems like forever ago already.

      Congratulations to you on your great post on Teaching Blog Addict!

  2. I really like this idea! I think I will use it with kids when we go back. Luckily it is the 23rd when we start. thanks for sharing.

    Sowing Seeds of Learning

    1. I had fun doing it so I am sure my kids will too. LOL
      I am considering doing a whole A4 page as a warm up and then a single one on a 1/2 sheet cut lengthwise and then displaying them with crosses in a frieze with the "In Flanders field" quote.
      I might use the whole sheet as wrapping paper for Mother's Day. Not sure yet...