Monday 2 April 2012

Lest We Forget

Anzac Day is approaching so I am creating some activities that will be suitable for Australian and New Zealand children to commemorate this special day.
This simple Slouch Hat Craft will be a great Anzac Day Craft Activity.
Slouch hats were worn by the diggers in World War I. The Light Horsemen proudly wore slouch hats adorned with an emu feather plume.
If you can find emu feathers this would be an interesting touch, otherwise a chicken feather might be easier to come by! I made my feather in the photo out of paper. Even a paper feather gives the effect, although I think real emu feathers would make this Anzac craft much more special.

I plan to use painted paper for my craft, but this mock up done with ordinary coloured paper still gives you the idea.
To purchase the pattern and instructions for this Anzac Day Craft, visit my TPT store.
This craft idea could support the Australian History Curriculum for Year 2 or Year 3.