Monday 2 April 2012

Greetings and Salutations!

Howdy! Hi! Hello! G'Day!

How many ways can we say hello?

Inspired by Chapter 5 in Charlotte Web by E.B. White, I have created a simple PowerPoint presentation with various greetings and a Charlotte's Web theme.
The Australian Curriculum for English for Year 2 requires that students
understand that language varies when people take on different roles in social and classroom interactions and how the use of key interpersonal language resources varies depending on context.
This simple presentation that you can download for free can be adapted to suit your own needs and to add in greetings that your children might either use or have heard.

The slides can be used on a whiteboard projector to promote discussion about the different greetings that are used in different situations.
This is a great opportunity to practise manners and talk about the different expectations in various contexts and audiences.

The slides could be printed one to a page and laminated for a classroom bulletin board display, or they could be printed with several to a page to make small cards for activities.

An interesting activity would be to do a Silent Card Shuffle to sort the greetings from casual to formal.

Students could brainstorm more greetings and easily add more slides to the set.

Let me know how you would use these slides in your classroom!

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