Friday, 27 January 2012

Reading - The Daily 5

After reading yesterday's post on Introducing Read to Self by Kylie at Down Under Teacher, I was inspired to give it a go myself.
A teaching colleague had sent me a link to the Daily Cafe website about a week ago and I have been seeing these terms, CAFE, Daily 5, Read to Self, I -Charts, all over the place so I thought I should at least do a little bit of reading into it.

I must say that the program seems to have many fans and it looks like it is something that could benefit my students so I am ordering the books and then going to implement the ideas into my own room and let you know how I go.

Today I followed the lesson as described by Kylie. Her kids managed about a minute and a half of sustained reading before someone broke the silence. My kids managed 10 seconds on their first attempt (silence broken by an avid reader who just had to share) and built all the way up to 50 seconds by their third attempt! (The "non-readers" keep wanting to look up and see if I am watching them - how do I get them reading? I hope this program holds the answer to that and many other questions...)

Have you tried this system? Any advice on how to implement it and what has worked well would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi Jane - you will love the Daily 5 if you start it!! I started last year, 3 weeks into Term 3 because I couldn't wait until the start of this year, and I'm so glad I did. It was the single best thing I did all year. Display how they went with their stamina on an A3 graph/one on your IWB - they love the visual and even my strugglers (in Grade 4 reading level 16) managed to make it up to 20min! If you're thinking of ordering the books, is where I got mine, they take about 3 weeks to come but they're definitely the cheapest :) Let us know how you go with it!