Saturday, 21 January 2012

Feedback Please!

I have created a blog for my class this year. I have picked pretty colours and created some pages but there is not much content there yet because I haven't started the year.
Please take a look at my class blog and let me know what else I might need or how to make it simpler for my students and parents to navigate.
This is the third time I have attempted this so I want it to be a success this year.
Constructive feedback very welcome...

The blog is called "A Year in Year 2".


  1. I think its cute & simple :)

    Here is my class website, maybe it will help you

    I hav a hidden students page but you won't be able to see it unless I give you specific permission.

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
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    1. Mor,

      I am trying to follow the link but it doesn't appear to be correct. I also tried (adding an 'r') but no luck.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and the link. I will head on over and check out your class blog for some inspiration.
    The hidden student page is a good idea. What do they use it for?
    I want to set up a "readers club" for my good readers (I have a group of avid readers and then some who only know a handful of sightwords and are not reading yet) but I didn't know if I wanted to include the work on the blog because it is just for the "club". Maybe they could use a hidden area.
    I might be asking more questions about how that works.

  3. I found it, Mor. Thanks.

    The url was

    I like your S.T.A.R. Club!