Thursday, 5 July 2012

Class blogs to explore

Thinking of blogging with your students? A Class blog can be a great way to create interesting contexts for reading and writing and provide a real audience for their creativity.

Here is a list of class blogs to explore as examples. They use a variety of blogging platforms, and have a variety of purposes. It seems there is no “one right way” to blog with students.

If you read something you like, feel free to leave a comment. Kids love to know someone has been reading their blog!


  1. Thank you for including us in your list of Blog examples. We really enjoy blogging, the whole school blogs, from our youngest to oldest pupils. It's a fabulous way to engage learners and widen their global audience.
    Mrs Warner
    Leeds, UK

  2. I hope you get a bit more traffic from it, or maybe even a comment or two!
    My kids love checking the visitor stats and especially like getting comments. It makes the experience real for them.